What To Expect from the Digital Church Coaching Group?

How are we going to help you start a Digital Church?

  • Community

    Join in a community with our Digital Church Experts, as well as other churches, that are on the Meta Journey. Ask questions, gain perspective, and celebrate your church's Digital wins. Find encouragement alongside other churches in the cohort as well!

  • Resources!

    Get access to resources in real-time, with just-in-time insight. Keep up with the newest advances in technology (even Meta) and find ways that even the newest of technology can work for your ministry goals.

  • Immediate Access

    You'll have access to the experts, as well as other churches on the Digital Church journey, through an application called Telegram. Use Telegram to engage in asynchronous conversation, and get around the clock access to the experts and others.

Meet Your Experts

With Combined Decades helping churches in Digital & Meta Spaces, you're in good hands.

Jeff Reed, Founder/THECHURCH.DIGITAL, Director of META/Leadership Network

Tom Pounder, Digital/Student Pastor, New Life Christian Church, TCD Sidekick

Chestly Lunday, Lead Pastor, King City Church

Andy Mage, Digital Pastor, Bay Hope Church

Pricing options

Explain how different pricing options might be valuable to different segments of your audience.

Other Digital Church Options

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  • Why would my church want to do this?

    There are incredible opportunities for churches who think digitally. Churches in this cohort, however, are not just interested in broadcasting services online. They are interested in discipling people digitally and unleashing these disciplemakers physically and digitally. They're interested in reaching and engaging people for Jesus in the digital mission field. And they're interested in creating digital expressions of church. That's a lot of reasons to jump in this digital church cohort.

  • What happens in the cohort?

    First, you will have access to one of the experts in a 1:1 session monthly, with dedicated time to ask and discuss anything. Secondly, two group cohorts a month where you'll walk through a framework for Digital Church development. And finally, you'll have access to all of the experts, along with other churches interested in improving their Digital Church strategy, in a cloud-based platform called Telegram.

  • What is Telegram?

    Telegram is an asynchronous communications platform. Think Whatsapp, Slack, or Discord. We love Telegram, so all of the asynchronous coaching, as well as the video recordings from the cohort meetings, will be stored in Telegram. (The Telegram App is available on Mac/PC as well as any mobile app store.)

  • How many people can join from my church?

    How many would you like? We would typically cap involvement at 3 per church, but are open to conversations if more are desired.

  • Will cohort meetings be recorded for later viewing?

    Yes, all cohorts will be recorded for later viewing, and to share with your church staff as desired. All resources will be made available to Cohort Participants through Telegram.

  • Do I need to stay in the cohort for a year, or can I go month to month?

    We're going to be talking about Digital Church for a long time to come... so, if you want to stay in the cohort for the long haul, or just a month or two, we are here to serve you!

  • When will the cohort meet?

    To Be Determined.

Questions on the Cohort? Text/Call Jeff Reed at 484/324-8724, or schedule a meeting.

This Digital Church Coaching Cohort sounds great, but I've got some questions.