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Get Plugged into a Phygital Learning Community and Walk with Other Churches on Your Phygital Journey.

Through Stadia Phygital Learning Communities, you will walk through Stadia's Phygital Framework over a 10 week time period, wrestling with the Phygital Mindset with a Coach as well as other Churches. Phygital Learning Communities start as demand arises. Interested? Let's get you on a waiting list.

Don't Want to Wait? Try Stadia Phygital Self-Directed with a Live Coach

Stadia's Phygital Learning Communities typically happen 3-4 times a year. Who's got time to wait!?! You need help now!!!

Phygital Self-Directed is available for you, right now! While you don't walk through Phygital as a group, you will have the ability to interact with a LIVE COACH to help apply these lessons to your church in practical ways.
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Course Curriculum

Check out what you'll be learning in Stadia Phygital, including a free preview of Session 1.

  1. 01
  2. 02
    • Craig Dockery/Crossroads (Cincinnati) and Patrick Holden/NUVO Church

    • Session 2 Worksheet

  3. 03
    • Lee Coate/The Crossing Vegas and Doug Parks/Intentional Churches

    • Session 3 Worksheet

  4. 04
    • Craig Springer/Alpha USA, Greg Aukerman/Crossroads (Cincinnati), and Melissa Johnson-Matthews/Lutheran Church of Hope

    • Session 4 Worksheet

  5. 05
    • Dave Adamson/Orange Australia & CJ Alvarado/Bayside (California)

    • Session 5 Worksheet

  6. 06
    • Greg Aukerman/Crossroads (Cincinnati), Kevin Lee (Saddleback), and Ali Roohi (CenterSet Church)

    • Session 6 Worksheet

  7. 07
    • Rob McDowell/North Metro Church & Clint Nolder/Foundation Christian Church

    • Session 7 Worksheet

  8. 08
    • Jared Kirkwood/Rooted & Brian Phipps/DisciplesMade

    • Session 8 Worksheet

  9. 09
    • Craig Whitney, Doug Foltz, Tim Celek & Emily Diaz (Stadia)

    • Session 9 Worksheet

  10. 10
    • Ed Love/Wesleyan Church, Rick Rusaw/GLOO, & Doug Parks/Intentional Churches

    • Session 10 Worksheet

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